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Funhouses seek to distort perceptions and startle people with unstable and unpredictable circumstances within an atmosphere of the wacky unknown. My memory brings me back to smelling the popcorn, cotton candy, and hearing the laughter of the people on the rides. If you listen closely, you can hear faint screams every once in a while muffled by something, just not sure what. Your feet stick to the ground with every step, the bright lights, and circus type sounds now drown out everything else. You now find yourself standing in front of the FUNHOUSE. So step right up and get your ticket as we open our own version of a fun house, designed to test your mental capacity as we alter your traditional way of looking at things, bringing you back to your past as you attempt to escape the not so normal reality.

Can you escape FUNHOUSE????

NOW $75.00

Due to the nature of these games players must be able to move around freely without any helping device.
Please also be aware that it is a live event and therefore once the booking is confirmed, refunds,
reschedules, cancellations are not accepted.

Escape The Quest

1391 SW 12th Ave.

Pompano Beach,

FL 33069

(954) 366-6800


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